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Waiting lists done right.

No fuss, que jumping or confusion.

Pick your teams.

Share and select teams before kickoff.

Manage your players.

Create co-hosts, give warnings and ban players.

Make it personal.

Customise your group page and welcome message.

Bring your games to life.

Record scores to reveal player stats.

Reward loyalty.

Give your regulars priority invites and discounts.

An (almost) 5 star experience

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4.7 on Trust Pilot — not too shabby, right?

Katie Norton

Organising casual football games used to be a headache, but @FootballMatcher has changed the game for me. Payment tracking is a breeze, and the waiting list feature is a lifesaver!

Oscar Martinez

Running multiple 5-aside games a week used to be a headache. @FootballMatcher's automated invites and team balancing have been a lifesaver. Highly recommend!

Oliver Green

I love how @FootballMatcher fits into my existing chat groups. No need to download another app, and organising football has never been smoother!

Isabella Carter

I organise walking football games, and @FootballMatcher has been a revelation. The automated invites mean I don't have to chase people. It's all so efficient!

Aiden Murphy

I used to spend hours sorting out who's paid and who hasn't. With @FootballMatcher's payment tracking, I can finally relax and just enjoy 7-aside with my mates.

Rob Copper

@FootballMatcher has been a game-changer for me. I used to spend hours sorting out teams and chasing payments. Now, it's all streamlined!

Sophie Miller

I've always been put off by complex apps, but with @FootballMatcher, I don't even need to download anything. Payment tracking is brilliant, no more awkward reminders! #NoAppNeeded

Mike Johnson

Walking football has never been easier to organise. The waiting list management from @FootballMatcher is top-notch. No more chaos and last-minute dropouts!

Sarah Thompson

As someone who organises multiple 5-aside games a week, @FootballMatcher has been a lifesaver. Payment management is a breeze, and I finally have time to actually enjoy the games!

Emily Davis

I used to dread organising football games, but @FootballMatcher has made it so much easier. The automated refunds are a game-changer. No more awkward money conversations!

Liam Williams

I run casual football games with my mates, and @FootballMatcher has strengthened our community like nothing else. It's all so streamlined!

Jake Miller

Shoreditch Powerleague games are now a regular thing for us, thanks to @FootballMatcher. Payment tracking is so transparent, it's a relief

Olivier Smith

@FootballMatcher has made organising football a less tiresome task. I can't believe how much time I've saved!

Noah Wilson

The waiting list management from @FootballMatcher is a godsend for my 5-aside games. No more frantic last-minute organising!

Ethan Clarke

I love the one-click RSVP feature from @FootballMatcher. Makes jumping into a game of casual football so effortless!

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Clarity on who's paid you and when

Gone are the days of juggling spreadsheets, chasing down payments, and manually processing refunds. We've streamlined the entire payment process to make sure you never come up short.

End your payment pain now->
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Save 2 hours a week on admin

Sayonara sifting through endless WhatsApp messages for rsvp's, manually sending out invites, and juggling waiting lists. We take care of all this (and much more), so you can focus on the game, not the admin.

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Struggling with commitment?

We can help with your footy group... But outside that, it's on you. We help you find players right in your neighbourhood and make sure they actually turn up. Our friendly reminders and community vibes make games more fun and keep players coming back. The best part? Organisers who used Football Matcher have cut dropouts by 20%!

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We exist to support the unsung heroes of casual football - the organiser! 

We know it's sometimes a thankless task... We're here to say thank you and to make your life a bit easier.

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We make it easy for organisers like you

From from 😞 to 😄 in under 5 minutes.

No app to download

We've made it as easy as possible for you to set-up and your players to join.

Step 1: Create a group

Step 2: Add your game details

Step 3: Share the game link in your group chat (players only ever need to enter an email and password once)

Step 4: Relax! We automatically send out invites for you each game.

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Features can be switched on and off to suit you and your groups needs

Priority invites for  regulars

Invites go out automatically

Team selection & balancing

Automatic waiting list management

One-click player RSVP

Variable pricing

Track player payments

Multiple co-organisers

Organise, find and play football near you

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play football near Bath

play football near Belfast

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Got some Q's? We've got some A's

If you can't find an answer to your burning question, use our chatbot to say 👋 to the team.

Is Football Matcher free?

Well... it depends. If you user Football Matcher without the payment functionality, then yes it is. If you want access to our payment features (payment tracking, pay to play, block booking (coming soon) and managing refunds automatically then there's a £0.45 transaction fee for every player. This fee helps us keep the lights on and create better experiences for you.

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Why's this different than other footy apps

Even if you ignore all the features like variable pricing, automated invites and refunds, there's 2 very big differences that set us apart for our customers.

1. We specialise in limiting behaviour change for players - meaning that your players never have to download an app or anything else. All they have to do is enter their email address once. That's it! You keep the chat in WhatsApp, Facebook, Discord or whatever you want to use - we simply act as your assistant to give clarity and transparency to the organising.

2. We focus on community and keeping casual football groups alive and thriving. We know how important groups are to local communities and want to make sure they are as easy to run for organisers. We know your pain, the frustration and the desire to keep these groups going - and that's exactly why we exist.

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Can you have multiple organisers?

Yes! Absolutely - you can have multiple hosts organiser your groups.

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Can I manage multiple groups?

Yes! If you're a serial organiser we've got you covered and offer you better clarity and transparency on all your groups. From 5-aside games to 11- aside kick arounds, we've got you covered.

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How can I convince my players to use you? 

We know that some players might be hesitant about the weekly kick around price going up - we get it. We're confident that with our features that the can see the value. We specialise in providing players with the best experience we can. They to can reap the benefits of simply payments, waiting list management and post games stats without being forced to download an app.

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Why can't I find any groups in my area?

Groups near you might be closed, or they may not exist yet. We can help you get a group off the ground.

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Do I or my players need to download an app?

Nope! After you create a group and game, forward the invite to your group. They can login with just their email address and visit the platform as much or as little as they want.

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Is this suitable for all types of football?

Absolutely! From 5-aside to friendly kickaround's, to women's football groups to walking football and Futsal - we can help you make sure your weekly game is always thriving.

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How do payments work?

it takes 3 days after kickoff for payments to be transferred to your account. You can see the status of your payments in the payments section on your profile. With every match we take a £0.45 transaction fee when a player pays online. If you don't want to absorb this costs you will want to increase you game price by £0.45p per player. Players in our communities love the added transparency, stats and value football Matcher brings for this amount.

Want to make it cheaper with more players? We offer variable pricing, so the more players that turn-up, the cheaper it gets for everyone.

In the future we'll be offering group subscriptions and other features to make sure that as an organiser you never come up short.

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