Football Matcher Payments Made Easy

Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, understanding how payments work ensures a smooth and worry-free experience. Let's dive into the nitty-gritty of paying for your spot, game-day transactions, and those 'what if' scenarios.

You RSVP – The Authorisation

What Happens:

When you sign-up for a match, you secure your spot by paying for the game. Wolrdpay (our payment processesor) now verifies your account and puts the match fee aside. It's a bit like telling your bank, "Hold this money for the match, please." This is called "Payment Authorisation."

Your Bank Statement:

It'll show the authorisation of the payment (your match fee), much like a receipt when you buy something.

Match Day - Payment Capture

What Happens:

On match day, Worldpay process your payment. It informs your bank, "We're good to go with this transaction, so kindly transfer the reserved money to the organiser.” This is called "Payment Capture."

Your Bank Statement:

It may update to reflect the payment's capture or show no change from the above. Different banks use different methods for this.

When Dropping Out Matters

What Happens:

If you pull out after the game's confirmed, leaving not enough players, and no replacement is found, you're still on the hook for payment.

Your Bank Statement:

Have a look at the “Payment Capture” section for details.

You Drop Out... But It Doesn't Matter– Payment Cancelled

What Happens:

Say you drop out but the game still has enough players, or someone else fills in. In this case your payment is cancelled and the money reverts to your account. This is "payment cancellation". It's different to a refund as the money never really left your account, and the original “payment authorisation” disappears from your statement. You can find more info on payment cancellation and how it differs from refunds here.

Your Bank Statement:

Two possibilities here. Either it shows 'payment cancelled' on the date you RSVP’d, or it gets wiped from your statement completely.

Organiser Calls It Off

What Happens:

On the rare occasion the organiser cancels the game, all payments get cancelled.

Your Bank Statement: R

Refer to the bank statement details in payment cancelled.

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