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March Update: Streamlining your Casual Football Experience

We continue to refine the Football Matcher platform with the release of our latest round of updates, designed to make it easier than ever to organise and participate in football matches.

New Features in the Spotlight:

Improved WhatsApp Invites.

We’ve updated our WhatsApp messages - brining them into the 21st century. It's now easier to see when and where games are happening, RSVP-ing and who else is coming along (while preventing players from accidentally confirming their spot).... Yes we've fixed that. Remember this only goes to organisers who add their mobile number so please do this and forward the message on to your group each week.

Football Matcher WhatsApp message to organisers

New Refund Policy Customisation

You can now set a time for when players will no longer be refunded after they drop out - even is a replacement is found. By default they will still be refunded automatically if someone else takes their spot - so if you want to penalise last minute no shows - you can tweak these settings in the advance settings section of your kickabout.

The new Football Matcher refund policy controls

Streamlined Group and Game Setups

Simplified. Speedy. Mobile-friendly. Setting up games is now an even quicker process; fewer steps mean you can have a game up and running quicker than ever. And a much-improved mobile interface means you can set up games from any device, wherever you are.

Improved payments

We've done some tinkering as we always want to make sure that there's no bugs and issues when players pay.  Now with saved cards, there's no more 3DS verifications. Enjoy a much smoother payment flow and less issues.

Seasonal Stats

Stats have now been updated to align with the English Football Season. You can see your win ratio, acceptance streaks and more.

And this is just the beginning; we have a wide range of exciting enhancements planned for Football Matcher that we can’t wait to share with you in the coming months.


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