Do You Regularly Look Like This?

Do You Regularly Look Like This?

We hope not, but if you do, the chances are you either have a nightmare boss or you are an organiser of a weekly game of football with colleagues/mates, or perhaps both.

Although we might not be able to help with your boss, we might have a solution to your organising woes, with our BETA launch of our web app Football Matcher.

If you are a disgruntled organiser, we have three questions for you:

  1. Are you always dealing with players dropping in & out for the next game, and rejigging the player list while you’re busy at work?
  2. Are you regularly paying more than your fair share of the pitch hire costs due to last-minute dropouts or players that forget their wallet!?
  3. Why do you put up with it?

We suspect for number 3; you do it because you love & need football in your life. Plus you know if you stopped organising it, the game would most likely fizzle out because most people can’t be bothered with the hassle of chasing payments and managing player lists.

Why Football Matcher?

Football Matcher has been built by fellow disgruntled organisers who just so happen to be software developers too. We have experienced the pains of having too few/many players and being short of money each week. However, we thought there had to be a better way to organise.

Our BETA launch of Football Matcher is packed with features aimed directly at making your organising life easier, helping you get more time and money back!

Never again will you be left short of money, having to cover a chunk of the pitch hire costs yourself, let the Football Matcher do the chasing for you and make players play before each game.

What Do You Get?

Experience the delight of games that organise themselves with automated invites and waiting lists to handle player numbers. Let Football Matcher take care of the constant flux of players dropping in & out before a game with fair automated refunds for last-minute dropouts. Refunds happen, only if there is another player on the waiting list or the game has more than enough players. All you have to do is book the pitch and remember to bring the ball. We’ll do the rest!

Fits Into How You Organise Already

We know that most players just want to get their next footballing fix and have little patience to download & register yet another mobile app. This is why we’ve made it as easy as possible for players to sign up to receive weekly email invites by requiring them just to enter their name and email.

In just one click, they can confirm/decline the next game from within the email. If that is still too much hassle for them, we’ve even gone to the effort to integrate our game engine into other social chatting platforms like Whatsapp. There they can click on a link to RSVP and be notified of the confirmed player list without having to leave the chatting platform.

What's In It For Players?

Players will also appreciate our variable pricing. The more players confirm over the minimum number of players required for the game, the cheaper the price will be for everyone. Certainly, in central locations in big cities (like London), this can be the difference between each player paying £4 or £8 for a game.

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