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NHS Track And Trace Made Simple

In this blog, we describe FootballMatcher's latest feature that makes it simple for players and sports centres to adhere to the new guidelines set out by the FA on Friday 17 July 2020 for NHS track and trace.

Summary of FA Guidelines For Recreational Games

• Only play if you or anyone in your household bubble have no COVID-19 symptoms before.

• Facility providers should ensure that their facility is compliant with current Government legislation and guidance related to COVID-19;

• Social distancing in place before and after the game

• Sanitise hands before and after a game.

• Avoid handling the ball. Sanitise the ball before and after the game.

• Don't celebrate goals;

• Don't share equipment.

• Arrive changed and shower at home.

• Walk or cycle to a game. If not possible, travel together in a vehicle with people from a household or support bubble.

And Lastly

• Facilities & Clubs should keep a record of attendees each game to support NHS Test and Trace;

Track And Trace Issues

Having organised a few games post lockdown, we have seen sports facilities collecting contact details for NHS track and trace either via pen and paper or requiring the lead booker to send the details over email beforehand.

In our experience, these player participation game lists are often incomplete due to the organiser not having full contact details for the group due to the weak social ties often present in these groups. Additionally, if it's a paper-based system, players forget to sign the sheet before or after the game and create more physical touchpoints for transmission. Finally, but arguably most worryingly, we’ve seen staff forced to spend a prolonged time close to the players while they try to capture these details.

Track And Trace Made Simple

In response to these challenges, FootballMatcher has released a feature to address these issues above by allowing the organiser to send via email ( or print out) a list of each participant's full name, mobile and email address, ensuring the game’s track and trace details are complete. We realised our app already had half the solution with players names and emails addresses for participants of each game, therefore decided to enhance the contact details obtained when a player confirms.

Using FootballMatcher, the sports centres and organisers will be able to comply with the NHS track and track requirements effortlessly. This feature also removes the need for the group to gather around a paper form and share a pen to fill out their contact details. As a result, it will improve the safety of not only the players but the staff at the sports centre.

How FootballMatcher Works

Players can join a new group with just their name and email address. No app download required.

Every week, the game invites are sent out via email (and WhatsApp if enabled). The player can RSVP for a game just by clicking a button (or a link in WhatsApp). Yes, it's that simple!

If the group has track and trace enabled, the player will be asked, on their first time confirming, to review their name and provide their mobile number.

Just before the game, the organiser will be able to send the full game participation list to the Sports Center via email or to themselves so they can print it out and hand in themselves.

At any point, the player can remove their details from their profile page or opt out of being included.

Are You An Organiser?

Groups can make use of this feature and organise their games for free. FootballMatcher only takes a small fee if the organiser collects player subs through our website.

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