Techhub Demo Night at Google Campus

Techhub Demo Night at Google Campus

We Finally Did It!

After belonging to the Techhub community for just over a year, we finally applied to one of their first demo nights of 2020. This was held at the Google Campus event space that provided the ideal platform to show off our newly released BETA version of Football Matcher.

This showcased our latest features, such as WhatsApp integration and variable pricing. Players can just RSVP for a game simply by clicking on a link within a WhatsApp group. We also showed everyone our pay less, as more players confirm for the game feature which saves players money as more turn up.

Our aim is to take the pain out of organising regular games of football and also introduce features that make using the platform social, fun and competitive. As a result, we hope it will encourage more people to play football.

Not Sure What TechHub Is?

It is a brilliant community for tech entrepreneurs and startups. They support startups at every stage of their development. They assist with fine-tuning an initial idea, through to making a good exit host ten demo nights a year. These demo events provide founders with the opportunity to showcase their products to the tech ecosystem. It also provides an excellent opportunity to get honest feedback from the audience and fellow entrepreneurs showcasing their innovations early. You can find out more about them here

What Happens On Demo Night?

The format of the demo night is as follows, there are normally 6 - 8 startups. Each startup is given 3 minutes to demo and then a further 3 minutes to answer any questions from the audience..It is not presented as a polished pitch to possible investors but just an opportunity to show your progress to date.

The Football Matcher Demo Challenge

To showcase Football Matcher, we set ourselves a challenge: Roll-play a disgruntled organiser and project their phone onto a big screen. Set up a new group, organize a game, send game invites, receive a player payment and show the organiser getting paid into their bank account. This was all done live and crucially within the 3 minutes permitted!!!

There's A Video!

Check our demo video here. Our CPO, Phil Day plays the role of the disgruntled organiser while Steve Day, our CTO, explains how easy it is to navigate and use the app.

FM Techhub Demo Night

Success! The Organiser's Bank Account notification appeared on the big screen, bang on the 3 minute deadline! This confirmed that Football Matcher had successfully sent the payment. This clearly illustrated how easy it is to organise a match on our app, coupled with the ability to slot into the user’s preferred organising platform (i.e WhatsApp, Slack, Email, FB Messenger).

A Very Cool Tool For LIVE Demos

In our demo, we were able to project onto the big screen both a laptop and a phone at the same time. We highly recommend AirDroid for this purpose, you can find out more about it here

What Did People Think?

We received great feedback from the audience. A few organisers approached us afterwards, asking if they could sign up to our platform and, as a result, two more Kickarounds were established. This demo really marked the stage when Football Matcher came out of the development caves and started to actively seek new users.

How Did We Celebrate?

An extremely encouraging end to the evening so, to celebrate, we took some of our alpha users round the corner to McQueens and splashed out on some drinks and pool!

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Women playing casual football and having a kickabout at a pitch near them.

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