The Hunger For Lunchtime Football

Working for a small company in a hipster shared office with a delicious range of coffee and funky meeting rooms does have its advantages. However, it’s not very conducive for finding enough people to get a game of football going, especially when you work for a small firm with only a few footballers.

I found myself in this position when I was going through a bit of a footballing drought. What added salt to the wound was my desk was next to a window that overlooked the Kennington Park astro football pitch and it laid empty for a big part of each day.

I often cycle passed this football pitch salivating at the thought I could get a game so close to where I worked. If I managed this, it would mean it would take up very little time out of my day to play.

Gym Membership v Lunchtime Football

It was so close, it was even feasible to play during lunchtime and have enough time to shower before returning to work. After getting increasingly frustrated that I underused my membership of the gym downstairs, I decided to see if I could turn my lunchtime football dream into a reality.

No Wife Approval Required!

Knowing that the company I worked for had only a handful of footballers, I decided to go beyond my office and reach to other companies in the Workspace. Within a few weeks, we managed to get 70 other footballers together and we now have a regular game going each week. This came with the advantage of not needing wife approval or requiring an evening to be sacrificed! Success!

Player Matcher, Getting Lunchtime Games Going

This game later became the inspiration for our latest feature, the Player Matcher. There must be many other footballers going through similar droughts, due to not knowing enough people to get a game going, at a time and location that is convenient for them. The aim of Player Matcher is to help people in this position and replicate what happened for me at Oval Workspace.

Simple To Use

Simply add in the locations of where you want to play and how far you’re prepared to travel from each one. Then add the days and time range you are available to play at each location. We’ll then do the hard bit of grouping players together based on everyone’s availability. When there is enough for a game, we’ll notify everyone to get one going. If there is another game already on a platform that is short of numbers, we’ll let you know also, so you can ask to join.

Try It Yourself

Maybe you too can find a game that fits in nicely around your life!

Enter your availability here:

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Women playing casual football and having a kickabout at a pitch near them.

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