Unused Pitch Slots, The Sad Reality!

Unused Pitch Slots, The Sad Reality!

Seeing such a nice football pitch in Kennington Park being consistently empty during the day can provoke feelings of sadness, especially when you can see this from your desk and your craving a day time game.

This was the position a few of the workers at Oval Workspace found themselves in before Football Matcher started a regular new game nearby. You would expect the pitch to busy all the time, as it is surrounded by sways of people and office block. However, it often remained empty apart from an odd school game now and again.

Unused pitch slots around the UK

This is a common story for a lot of the pitches in big cities in the UK. You would think as more companies embrace flexible working and recognise the importance of health and wellness, this cultural shift would result in team sport being played during the day. Unfortunately, sports centres find themselves still with unused inventory on their books.

HR to the rescue?

Speaking to various small companies and HR departments, they said they would be very open and actively encourage more flexible and extended breaks, in order to facilitate team sport within their companies. The lack of appetite for day time sport doesn’t seem to originate from the employers!

Perhaps, it is more of an issue with the employees worried about the perception about how an extended lunch break would look to their peers. Another common issue raised from players is that they simply do not know enough people within their company to start a regular football game.

The Player Matcher was born

Listening to this feedback, Football Matcher has just released the Player Matcher, aimed at helping Sports Centers find players to fill their unused slots. It also makes it easy for players to connect with others at the same location, with the same availability to get new games going. We have successfully trialled this and have set up new regular day time games at various locations around London.

Find players/games near you at the time you would like to play, just add your availability here: https://www.footballmatcher.io/player/get-availability

If you work for a Sports Center and are looking to fill your empty day time slots! Why not partner with us and we’ll help you find players to start new regular games.

Also, if you’re a company looking to promote the health and wellness of your employees, we can help facilitate corporate internal games.

Please get in touch with us: partnerships@footballmatcher.io

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