Valentines Day - Ever Been Stood Up?

Valentines Day - Ever Been Stood Up?

On this Valentine's day, we at Football Matcher would like to explore some relationship observations by asking you a few questions:

  1. Has someone ever dropped out at the last minute after you have paid upfront for an amazing (and expensive!) exerprience?
  2. Has someone agreed to share the cost of an experience only to later admit that they have 'lost' their wallet knowing you would 'happily' pick up the whole bill?
  3. Do people expect you to put up with this knowing the love of their company makes up for the loss of your money?

We often find people who answer yes to any of these questions are organisers of casual football. The good news is that we have developed an app that can fix these issues and restore your relationships to wholeness with the following features:

  • AUTOMATED INVITES: No need to manually create event groups and send invites out each week.
  • GUARANTEED MONEY: With pay before you play, the organiser will be guaranteed to get their money each week.
  • MANAGE PLAYER NUMBERS: Excess players will go on a waiting list and get automatically bumped back onto the main list if there is a drop out.
  • FLEXIBLE PAYMENTS: Choose between pay before the game, pay anytime (cash & online) or free games.
  • VARIABLE PRICING: Price gets cheaper as more players accept if you have a min and max set. This means everyone saves money!

This Valentines Day : stop letting people take advantage of your deep love of playing football and get back to enjoying the game, organise with Football Matcher by clicking below to start:

Organise Now

Are You A Player?

Here's a few great ideas to appreciate your organiser this Valentines Day:

Flowers - Chocolates - Craft Beer

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